Into the Deep Blue

An artdump for a bunch of my pictures, clean and otherwise. Focusing on Ace Attorney, the Persona games and anything else I find interesting at the time. Enjoy!
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Go check out the newest page here:
Or read from the beginning here!
Thanks to everyone who is following the story! I hope you enjoy the update. Not a whole lot going on in this one just yet but it’s setup for one that involves an angry tree.
Paladin Story tells the story of Giulio Spiciero, a cleric with a temper problem, and his friends: a passive-aggressive paladin, a calculating ranger, an all-too-nice assassin, an amorous healer and a misguided elf. Their story will take them on fun and light-hearted adventures in a Mediterranean-inspired world of fantasy and magic.

Paladin Story will feature:
- Intrigue, magic and sorcery and manchildren getting punched.
- A diverse cast (because it’s time to step past those white-washed european fantasies.)
- Weekly updates, with color pages happening every couple of weeks!
- A promise: this will be a breather from dark and gritty fantasy. Kick back, relax, and believe in a story where we won’t have no bloody gore, no sexual assault in the plot, and no women in cheesecake armor.
Are you interested? Well, I hope you like it! However, I need help!
I live in a country with an economy going through a crisis that is hard to describe. Dollars are borderline inaccessible because of tight currency exchange controls, and my income as a professional law teacher is less than $70 a month. I basically cannot save money, or afford myself anything. Commissions, unfortunately, take up some of my time for working on the comic, and with a full queue I cannot squeeze anymore.
If you’re interested in the story and would like to help me keep going, and you have even as much as $1 a month to spare, please consider donating or supporting me by the following means:
Via PAYPAL by sending money (as gift) to denseminds[at] or using the donate button on my tumblr.
Via PATREON by monthly donations at:
If you donate you will participate for PDFs, hi-resolution artwork that you won’t find in this tumblr, and other goodies!
If you can’t donate, please signal boost, any help is appreciated!
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